“ It is the inner strength that makes one fearless, and it is the fearless one who crosses the individual consciousness and becomes one with the universal consciousness.- ”
Swami Rama

The Yoga Meditation Society of Trinidad and Tobago

The Yoga Meditation Society of Trinidad and dedicated to the propagation of the ancient systems of Hatha Yoga and Meditation. In 1989 this Society was incorporated by an act of Parliament No. 7 of 1989. The main teachers of the Society have been trained by the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association (IHYTA), in Minneapolis, at the Meditation Centre, under the guidance of Shri Maha Mandaleshvara Swami Veda Bharati and in Rishikesh, India.

The society was founded on the principle of "Love all and exclude none", and has offered yoga and meditation classes since 1987. Our mission is to bring peace to those people who come to us. Our classes are open to everyone.

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Activities of the Society

All the Society's activities are designed to aid in the total development of the human being. Classes are conducted in Hatha Yoga and meditation, an integrated physical and mental discipline leading to a refinement of personality. Our approach to teaching is holistic, with students being made aware of correct posture, breathing and eating habits.

Yoga Meditation Society of Trinidad and Tobago currently holds classes at various venues at North, Central and South Trinidad. This is in keeping with the organization's drive towards disseminating the yogic philosophies to all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago

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