S.No. Title Author Price TTD
1A Practical Guide to Holistic HealthSwami Rama55.00
2Book of WisdomSwami Rama30.00
3Choosing A PathSwami Rama65.00
4Conscious LivingSwami Rama40.00
5Creative Use of EmotionsSwami Rama65.00
6Enlightenment without GodSwami Rama60.00
7Exercise for Joints and GlandsSwami Rama60.00
8Freedom from the Bondage of KarmaSwami Rama45.00
9Happiness is your creationSwami Rama55.00
10Holistic Living ManualTeachings of Swami Rama65.00
11Japji: Meditation in SikhismSwami Rama40.00
12Let the Bud of Life BloomSwami Rama30.00
13Living With the Himalayan MasterSwami Rama100.00
14Love and family Life Swami Rama55.00
15Love WhispersSwami Rama55.00
16Meditation in ChristianitySwami Rama55.00
17Meditation & Its PracticeSwami Rama55.00
18Om-the Eternal WitnessSwami Rama40.00
19Path of Fire and Light Vol (I)Swami Rama65.00
20Path of Fire and Light Vol (II)Swami Rama65.00
21Perennial Psychology of Bhagwad GitaSwami Rama165.00
22SadhanaSwami Rama40.00
23Sacred JourneySwami Rama20.00
24Sadhana-Path to enlightenmentSwami Rama50.00
25Science of BreathSwami Rama60.00
26Spirituality Transformation Within & WithoutSwami Rama65.00
27The Art of Joyful Living Swami Rama65.00
28The Royal PathSwami Rama65.00
29The Theory & Practice of MeditationSwami Rama65.00
30Wisdom of Ancient SagesSwami Rama65.00
31Yoga & PsychotherapySwami Rama120.00
32At the Feet of the Himalayan Master* Vol IDr. Prakash Keshaviah50.00
33At the Feet of the Himalayan Master* Vol IIDr. Prakash Keshaviah55.00
34At the Feet of the Himalayan Master* Vol IIIDr. Prakash Keshaviah55.00
35At the Feet of the Himalayan Master* Vol IVDr. Prakash Keshaviah75.00
36At the Feet of the Himalayan Master* Vol VDr. Prakash Keshaviah60.00
37At the Feet of the Himalayan Master Vol VIDr. Prakash Keshaviah65.00
38At the Feet of the Himalayan Master Vol VIIDr. Prakash Keshaviah80.00
39Be Inspired by Swami RamaB. Maithili40.00
40The Tradition of the Himalayan MasterPt. Rajmani Tigunait55.00
41The Official Biography of Swami RamaPt. Rajmani Tigunait100.00
42Yoga PsychologySwami Ajaya60.00
43Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Vol.ISwami Veda Bharati190.00
44Meditation-the Art & ScienceSwami Veda Bharati65.00
45Wanam-Africa and IndiaSwami Veda Bharati40.00
46Night BirdsSwami Veda Bharati60.00
47SwamiSwami Veda Bharati35.00
48Kundalini (PB)Swami Veda Bharati60.00
49Sadhana the Applied SpiritualitySwami Veda Bharati45.00
50Mantra & MeditationSwami Veda Bharati55.00
51Meditation & the Art of DyingSwami Veda Bharati50.00
52God Swami Veda Bharati60.00
53Perfume from the Valley of Flowers Swami Veda Bharati15.00
54108 Blossoms from Guru Granth GardenSwami Veda Bharati45.00
55Education & Parenting for PeaceSwami Veda Bharati15.00
56Yogi in the LabSwami Veda Bharati40.00
57Philosophy of Hatha YogaSwami Veda Bharati55.00
58The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga MeditationSwami Veda Bharati60.00
59The Art of Self Beautification JournalYoga Journal40.00
60Silence-the Illuminated MindSwami Veda Bharati90.00
61Hatha Yoga Pradipika100.00
62Seven Systems of Indian Philosophy85.00
63Freedom from stressDr. Phil Neuemberger80.00
64Love and Family Life55.00
65Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Vol.IISwami Veda Bharati190.00
66Superconcious MeditationSwami Veda Bharati50.00
67Transition to VegetarianismBallentine40.00

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